BIG Online has helped over 4000 charitable and non-profit organizations raise an estimated $550 million in corporate, foundation and government funding. The success stories below will show you how they did it.

Silent Voice Uses BIG Online to Speak Dollar Sign Language:Up to the year 2001 Silent Voice had no formal fundraising program. They subscribed to BigOnline and have increased the number of annual major donors by 321%; Success Story

"Brown Bagging" Ensures Calgary's Homeless Kids Receive Nutritious Meals: The Brown Bagging For Calgary Street Kids Society has a unique approach to battling homelessness among youth, providing 1,120 nutritious lunches a week to the city's street kids. Success Story

Innovative Alberta Career Network Helps Kids and Industry: What could a young person ready to graduate from high school want more than a career network driven by the needs of industry? Since its inception in 1997, CAREERS: The Next Generation has helped match thousands of students with an equal number of Alberta-based employers. Success Story

From Crisis to Success: Orchestra London Stages Impressive Comeback: Over its 67 year history Orchestra London Canada has weathered a couple of serious financial crises, only to emerge stronger and more focused on its mission than ever before. Success Story

Mid-Toronto Community Services Expands its Fundraising Reach: They might be relatively small compared to the big league charities, but Mid-Toronto Community Services delivers an impressive range of services. Success Story

World Vision Canada Uses BIG Online to Enhance Donor Relations: Charities don't often come with the brand name and charitable track record of a World Vision Canada. Success Story

Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre: Established in the 'hippie days' of the late sixties, the Vancouver-based Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre has evolved into one of Western Canada's most successful charitable organizations. Success Story

City of Peterborough: With damage to private property pegged at over $1 million following severe flooding in June of 2002, the City of Peterborough had a major predicament. Success Story

BC Women's Charity: The employees of the Servants Anonymous Society Surrey (SAS Surrey) have good reason to be pleased with themselves. Success Story

Friends of Banff: Grassroots organizations face unique challenges in their search for funding. More often than not their mandates are exceptionally broad, but available resources exceedingly slim. Success Story

Talmud Torah High School: The concept of a permanently established Jewish High School never took hold in Western Canada the way it did in other Jewish communities across the country. Success Story

The Canadian Canoe Museum: Two of the biggest obstacles the Canadian Canoe Museum has encountered when attempting to develop effective, diversified fundraising sources in the past were a lack of staff and money. Success Story

Abbotsford Community Services: Abbotsford Community Services receives $350,000 from the Law Foundation of BC. Success Story

The ALS Society: Last year the ALS Society of Canada organized the first annual Tim E. Noel Golf Outing, an event to support an endowment fund for ALS research. Success Story

Educational Foundation of the College of the Rockies: The Educational Foundation of the College of the Rockies has had some very fortunate funding recently, thanks to Metasoft and their huge information database, BIG Online! Success Story

Boys and Girls Clubs of Ontario: Boys and Girls Clubs of Ontario has turned a lead from the February 2001 BIG Online Newsletter into a two year $682,000 partnership with the Ontario Government. Success Story

Friends of Nelson Library Foundation: The Friends of the Nelson Library, located in the Kootenay area of British Columbia, has some projects planned to improve their library, including the Music Collection Enhancement. Success Story

Families & Schools Together: A widely recognized program involving parents, school staff, family service workers and other volunteers partnering to strengthen families and help at-risk elementary students from grades 1 - 4. Success Story

Cracker's The Bistro: Cracker's The Bistro, the 1999 winner of Xerox Canada sponsored Manitoba School Board Innovation Award, is an integral part of the Occupational Skills Program at Windsor Park Collegiate. Success Story

Learning Enrichment Foundation: The Learning Enrichment Foundation has been actively involved in Community Economic Development for over 20 years. Success Story

Chemainus First Nation: Michele Hillier, spokesperson for Chemainus First Nation, shares her unique and courageous story. Success Story

Canadian Ecology Centre: The Canadian Ecology Centre site at Mattawa is deceptively rustic in appearance. Teachers and students stay in wood cabins in the middle of 2,500 hectares of unspoiled nature and history. Success Story

St Giles: Rebecca Lapres, President of Vancouver based St. Giles Pre-School shares her inspirational story with us. Success Story

Diamond Valley and District Boys & Girls Club: The Diamond Valley and District Boys & Girls Club provides support services to children and youth in their community. Success Story

Easter Seal Ability Council: Easter Seal Ability Council, Equipment and Support Services Program, provides various types of essential equipment to assist children and adults living with physical disabilities. Success Story

Calgary Handibus Association: The Calgary Handibus Association which manges a fleet of 131 specially equipped vans for the physically disabled, and providing in excess of 500 000 trips a year. Success Story

Canadian Mental Health Association: Anna van der Meulen, Fund Raising Coordinator for the Canadian Mental Health Association - Halifax Branch talks about her keys to successful fund-raising. Success Story

My Brother's Place: My Brothers Place wins hitting both the Corporate and Foundation fronts. Success Story

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum: Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is a non-profit organization founded over 25 years ago to preserve Canada's unique flying history. Success Story

BC Conservation Foundation: The BC Conservation Foundation, featured in our last newsletter, with the successful BEARAWARE program follow their own success tips. Success Story

BC Conservation Foundation: The BC Conservation Foundation knows that when communities grow into areas once considered wilderness, wildlife, especially black bears, can get into trouble. Success Story

City of Enderby: What are your chances of receiving funding for a municipal green space project if you do not live in a large urban centre? Better than you may have thought! Success Story

Canadian Food for the Hungry: Metasoft just received news that Canadian Food for the Hungry has received a grant for $25,000 from the Wild Rose Foundation. Success Story

Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation: Most people have difficulty identifying what it is that occupational therapists do, so trying to get funding to advance occupational therapy through research is difficult. Success Story

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