BC Conservation Foundation - 'bearish' outlook results in large positive returns:

March 15, 2000. Volume 3, Issue 5

The BC Conservation Foundation knows that when communities grow into areas once considered wilderness, wildlife, especially black bears, can get into trouble. Drawn into human settlements by garbage, fruit trees and other attractants, bears come into conflict with humans, and the all-to-frequent result is the destruction of the bear. The Bear Aware Program was designed to inform residents about bears and the impacts of attractants such as garbage. The program aims to 'bear-proof' communities and thereby reduce the number of conflicts between bears and humans each year.

In the fall of 1998 the BC Conservation Foundation was asked by members of the Revelstoke Bear Committee (the originators of the program) to bring the successful education program to other BC communities. With support from the Vancouver Foundation ($30,000), The Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia ($20,000), Canadian Pacific Railway ($10,000), and The Shell Environment Fund ($5,000), the BC Conservation Foundation is able to run the program in 6 southern BC. communities.

Congratulations to the BCCF on this successful fundraising project!

We will be featuring additional strong and successful projects by the BC Conservation Foundation in upcoming issues of our newsletter. Stay tuned! In the meantime, for information on many more of their projects and how you can help through tax-deductible donations, click here.

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