Boys and Girls Clubs of Ontario

"All of our Clubs are determined to provide high quality programming and services to children throughout Ontario. Big Online is a great resource for Community groups to identify potential sources of funding." - David Rew, Regional Coordinator, Boys and Girls Clubs of Ontario.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Ontario has turned a lead from the February 2001 BIG Online Newsletter into a two year $682,000 partnership with the Ontario Government through the Early Years Challenge Fund. This grant will enable the Boys and Girls Clubs to expand services in twelve locations and help children aged birth to six years get off waiting lists and into programs. Even more great news; thirteen other locations, currently without such services, will be initiating brand new programs for high need children in their communities. It is to their credit that the Boys and Girls Club used timely and relevant information from the newsletter, moving quickly to gain funds that will benefit children in 25 locations throughout Ontario. As one Boys and Girls Club representative stated, "Without the newsletter, the Club would not have received this funding."

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