No Fundraising Staff? No Money? HRDC Can Help

Two of the biggest obstacles the Canadian Canoe Museum has encountered when attempting to develop effective, diversified fundraising sources in the past were a lack of staff and money.

This spring, The Canadian Canoe Museum received funding from Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) for the hiring of a Fundraising Assistant. The HRDC program that has helped most is the Job Creation Partnership Program, which the Museum has participated in over the past five years, creating seven permanent full-time positions. This particular program provides funding so that organizations are financially capable of hiring eligible unemployed candidates, and pays their wages for the duration of the contract.

In addition to providing funding for a 12 month Fundraising Assistant contract, HRDC also provided funding for some of the overhead costs relating to the position, such as the purchase of a one year subscription to BIG Online. Brittany Cadence, Manager of Development and Marketing for the Canadian Canoe Museum said, "HRDC approved the purchase of Big Online because it was necessary for the Fundraising Assistant to perform their job." The subscription to BIG Online will aid the Museum in a number of ways; primarily by giving them access to in-depth corporation and foundation profiles and funding opportunities. "Depending on the labour market priorities in other areas of the country, this (HRDC program) can be a good way for smaller organizations to find funding," said Cadence.

The Museum received the funding because the resources it would provide are necessary to their capital campaign. For organizations hoping to expand their funding sources, but without resources and unable to hire the manpower to do so, HRDC can help. Cadence suggests, "I'd recommend that other organizations speak with their local HRDC representatives." For more information, and assistance in developing an application for the Job Creation Partnership Program, contact your local HRDC Project Officer. Contact information and program guidelines are available here.

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