Pamela Rickards, Development Manager of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum writes:

May 31, 2000. Volume 3, Issue 10

"Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is a non-profit organization founded over 25 years ago to preserve Canada's unique flying history. The mission of the museum is to acquire, document, preserve and maintain a collection of aircraft that were flown by Canadians from the beginning of World War II to the present. A major object of the Museum is to instruct and educate Canada's youth.

Our current funding request was for financial support towards the production of historical video/audio archive and the appropriate equipment for demonstration within the museum. After conducting research on the Big Database, I submitted several requests to companies whose funding interests included history and/or education. I prepared several requests and George Weston Limited gave us our first grant - to the tune of $10,000.00.

Thank you all - I could not have done this without your database. I am now very busy sending out more requests to prospective foundations and corporations to complete the funding required. I find your system so easy to use and the information very useful - Thanks again for your help!"

Pamela Rickards
Development Manager
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

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