Easter Seal Ability Council

Date: October 18, 2000. Volume 3, Issue 19

The person: Jeannette Guertin, Fundraising Specialist

The organization: Easter Seal Ability Council, Equipment and Support Services Program, provides various types of essential equipment to assist children and adults living with physical disabilities. We provide equipment to approximately 300 clients annually, enabling people to be independent in their daily activities.

Member Since: Since March 2000

Proposals/Query letters sent: Thirteen

Successes to-date: Allard Foundation - $10,000 CIBC - $10,000

Words of Wisdom: I have found that the Big Online database is invaluable in researching potential foundation and corporate donors. I search for matches by focusing on funding interests, geographical area and donation history.

Donation history is an interesting way to discover more information about funding interests. Ask yourself, is there a pattern of giving to groups such as yours? Do they prefer national, provincial or local charities? How much is usually funded? How often?

The amount asked for is important because you should be able to justify, with specific information, how you arrived at the amount requested. Pulling a figure out of the air doesn't work. For example, although my organization may really NEED $50,000.00, if that is not in the funder's history, and supported with project needs, you will probably not receive any money. Asking for too much is almost as fruitless as not asking at all.

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