Families & Schools Together succeed with help from The F. K. Morrow Foundation

Families and Schools Together has become a widely recognized program involving parents, school staff, family service workers and other volunteers partnering to strengthen families and help at-risk elementary students from grades 1 - 4. The Catholic Family Service Society of Regina has been one of the main players in bringing Families and Schools Together to Regina. Training a certified team of 8 to 12 people is an integral part of the program and represents a significant portion of the cost of getting it up and running. The staff at Catholic Family Services identified the training four teams as one of the top priorities for funding in the year 2000. They developed the following plan:

  1. Research and Qualify Prospects on BIG Online - They made a short list
  2. Contact the foundations to establish personal contact and to learn more about the prospective funder
  3. Develop a proposal with assistance from Customer Support at Metasoft
After five anxious months, a cheque for $10,000 arrived from the F. K. Morrow Foundation.

A footnote is that they have been exceptionally frugal with their grant monies. Funding originally scheduled for four programs has been stretched to six.

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