My Brothers Place wins hitting both the Corporate and Foundation fronts:

Many government funded charities across Canada have suffered cutbacks over the last ten years. A charity's response to government cutbacks is crucial to their ultimate survival.

A few years ago, My Brother's Place, a charity which helps house men, suffered such severe government cutbacks that they came close to closing their doors. Rather than allowing that to happen they bought a subscription to BIG Online and got serious about fundraising. Stage one was corporate fundraising. Following the sample proposal formats offered in the Resource section of BIG, they submitted well over a hundred requests. The result - $25,000 in grants. They then turned their attention to the foundation world, again with persistent determination and received a surprise - A founding member of My Brother's Place turned up in a BIG search as a director of a foundation. That discovery led, not surprisingly, to a grant.

These are some of the foundation grants My Brother's Place has received so far this year. Can you pick out the mystery foundation donor?

M. A. Motz Foundation: $1000

Harry E. Foster Charitable Foundation: $4,000

McLean Foundation: $2,000

Morris Family Foundation: $1,000

George Lunan Foundation: $2,000

Fountain of Hope: $3,100

George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation: $5,000

CHUM Charitable Foundation: $700

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