Friends of Nelson Library Receive Donation From Sutherland Foundation

The Friends of the Nelson Library, located in the Kootenay area of British Columbia, has some projects planned to improve their library, including the Music Collection Enhancement. They have been doing research and approaching funders from BIG Online for just over two months. Carol McLellan, a dedicated volunteer, is chair of The Friends of the Nelson Library. Her background in business writing has helped her to develop a succinct and compelling letter that is almost a mini-proposal. The letter precisely itemized their need and they received a cheque for that very amount this week!

Hi Connie ...

These smilies ... WELL, they are because we received a CHEQUE in the mail for $2400 from the Sutherland Foundation for our Music Collection Enhancement project.

Needless to say ..... WE ARE THRILLED!!!!

All we sent was the Query Letter .... and he sent a copy of our letter with the cheque attached ... no application .... just the $2400 .... can you believe it?

This came from your suggestion to send out multiple requests ... I sent out about 4 on the Music Collection Enhancement .... and WOW!!

Thanks for your help ....

Metasoft Systems extends its warmest congratulations to Deb Thomas, the Chief Librarian, Carol, and all the volunteers for an excellent start to their campaign.

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