Dell Hume of the Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation:

"Most people have difficulty identifying what it is that occupational therapists do, so trying to get funding to advance occupational therapy through research is difficult.

Recently the Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation (COTF) was looking for support for a children's vehicular safety project. We searched BIG Online Database for potential funders who had an interest in children and/or car safety. After calling to verify that the organizations we identified would be interested, we tailor-made several proposals for seed funding and sent them off. Two corporations responded with grants of $2,000 and $2,500!

What's more important is that we have started building a relationship with these corporate entities and they both expressed an interest in continuing to support our project as it develops. This will be a great asset for future funding possibilities.

Thanks BIG Online Database!"

Dell Hume is the Director of Fundraising at the Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation.

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